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The Contele Field Team APP user has the possibility to create places directly from the app.

In this article, you will learn 3 ways to register places on Contele Field Team.

Do you know if you can edit and create places within the app? Find out in this article:

Permission to edit and register new locations

Registering by Zip Code

Anyway, to register, you will do it in the same place, accessing New Place, in the main menu.

To register the zip code, just access the Address field and select the zip code option.

With that, register the zip code.

Registration of Locations by Zip Code

Sign up by Address

By selecting the option Address, the user can register the Place from its address, number, district and city.

It is important that in the option to register by Address, the complete address is filled out.

Registration of Locations by Address

Register by Geolocation

If you can't find the address to register in any of the forms above, you can find it by opening the map and placing the pin in the desired location, without the need to enter the addresses.

Inside the Address field, there will be a button for you to be directed to the map:

Registration of Locations by Address

Click on the button above the image;
When opening the map in the app, move the pin to the desired location;
By dragging to the desired location, the app will load the address information.

After selecting the location on the map, the number, district, address and city information will be filled in the app as well as in apps like Google Maps and Uber.

Watch these videos that show you in practice how to register places through Contele Field Team Manager

Register a Location While in it

Register a New Location not in it

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