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The Products role of Contele's Field Team Manager is intended to facilitate the User's transition of products, equipment and materials to a registered Location.

In this article, you will learn:

How to register Products in the system;

How to register products in the system

From the main screen, click Settings > Products.

To register a new product, click Register Product located in the upper left corner.

In this step, you will add all information to the product in Overview, the main ones being:

Photo and product name;
Minimum Stock Quantity: when stock reaches this number, you will be notified to be reminded to restock;
Quantity in stock: total product stock.

Product registration overview

By clicking on Advanced Options, you will add other important information:

Cost value (unit);
Sale value (unit);
Product Description;
Expiration Date (In the case of perishables);
Forms of Identification (External ID, Barcode, Labels);

The product description has a 512 character limitation.

Custom fields

Once your product is registered, you can still add instructions in Custom Fields.

This area consists of only two columns: Name and Specifications.

In this section, you can add the care you should take with the item.

The Custom Fields button only appears when you've filled in all of the general product information.


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