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Learn how to send a calendar invite using Zapier in conjunction with Contele Field Team Manager to send the invite whenever a visit is scheduled.

Introduction to Zapier - basic steps

If you have not yet connected Contele to Zapier, go to How to find Contele in Zapier, generate Contele token, and connect Contele in Zapier

If you've done the steps above, let's go!

Below is a full video and a short walkthrough video if you already have Zapier skills and want to cut to the chase!

The trigger you should use is New Visit.

Add the Zapier filter and make the filters you think are necessary. In the example, I filter if there is email address in the Location contact and if there is schedule in the Contele Field Team Manager so that the invitation is sent correctly.

If you don't pass these Zapier filters, the invitation will not be sent to the customer.

To validate if you have a scheduled time, follow the fields:
POI contact e-mail> (Text) Contais> @
Schedule Date / Time> (Text) Does not contain> 03:00: 0.000Z

Add Google Calendar or another calendar of your choice and associate the fields we send to Zapier, which will send the calendar invitation.

In the image, I highlight some relevant fields:

This is the final result of the example created above.

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