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Many customers are concerned about labor lawsuits that may be generated through improper user monitoring times.

In this way, Contele has a manual monitoring control, where the manager adds the period in which the app's location will be disabled and will not send points to the system.

By default system monitoring is configured as "Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm".

There are two ways to change the monitoring time :

Configure for all users in the company.
Configure specifically for one or more users.

We recommend that you configure the default in the company and adjust the exceptions, configuring by user.

To configure the monitoring times for all users of the company , do the following:

Go to Settings> Your company
Find the Application Settings section
Turn off the option "Monitoring every day (7 days a week), 24 hours" to change the time.

To configure the user monitoring times, do the following:

Go to Settings > Users
Choose the user and click the edit button (pencil)
At the bottom of the interactive window that will open, look for the ''Monitoring'' option
Choose the days the employee will be monitored and check the box.
Choose the time intervals

Ready! After saving, the user you changed will be monitored only within the configured period.

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