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What are location categories

Categories serve to differentiate Locations (Places, Clients, Leads, Prospects ...), according to your need to see them within your work routine.

When applying a category to this location, all parameters of the selected category will be assigned (such as forms, refund configuration, filters, etc.)

📌 Within the system it is possible to filter by one or more categories.
📌 Each Site can have only one Category, but it can be changed and the history is saved on visits made to the Site.

See the best practice options that some of our customers have used:

A) Application for technical teams:

In this case, the best way to use the categories would be to inform the technician what type of business relationship your company has with that customer.

See example Categories :

Maintenance contract;
Single call;
Requested under warranty.

The categories should be used to define the type of behavior and action that the technician should have when receiving the call and visiting your customer.

Upon receiving the call, the technician already knows what the service is about and how he should behave during the visit.

B) Application for sales teams:

In this case, the best way to use the categories would be to define the stages that involve their sale, or the natural cycle of their negotiations that take place during the Visits.

See this example:


There is the possibility to create several stages (Categories) and all are customizable.

This gives you a lot of flexibility when creating a funnel.

How to edit categories

In the side menu, click on Settings > Locations .

Select a location and click on its category. A screen like the one below will open so you can edit its name, color and delete the category if necessary.

Deleting categories is an irreversible action. If you are unsure, do not take this action.

Reports by categories

Once the Categories are made, in Contele Field Team Manager Reports you can filter them by Categories , making them easier to see.

The filter is available in the following Reports:

Visit report;
Productivity report;
Report of unvisited places.

Permissions to change categories

In the system, the manager can choose Allow application users to change location categories when visiting .

With this function enabled, the manager enables the user to change location categories as needed.

To enable, go to the system menu and click on Settings > Your company .

After that, scroll down until you reach App Settings.

Activate the function Allow application users to change categories of places when visiting and click Save.

Changing categories during visit

If the Contele Field Team APP user changes the Category of a Location / Customer during the Visit, the app will automatically link their Forms to the Category.


Category 1 is linked to Form 1;
User changes location category to category 2;
The site now has Forms 2 and 1.

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