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Categories serve to differentiate the Places (Locations, Clients, Leads, Prospects ...), according to your need to see them within your work routine.

📌 Within the system it is possible to filter by one or more categories.

📌 Each Site can have only 1 Category at a time, but it can be changed and the history is saved within visits to the Site.

See options for best practices that some of our customers have been using.

For this I will divide the subject for 2 types of teams:

A) Application for technical teams:

In this case, the best way to use the categories would be to inform the technician what type of business relationship your company has with that customer.

See the example Categories:

Maintenance contract;

Single call;

Called under warranty.

The categories should be used to define the type of behavior and performance that the technician must have when receiving the call and visiting his client.

When the technician receives the call, he already knows what the service is about and how he should behave during the visit.

B) Application for sales teams:

In this case, the best way to use the categories would be to define stages that involve their sale, or the natural cycle of their negotiations that occur during Visits.

See in this example:


There is the possibility to create numerous stages (Categories) and all are customizable.

This gives you a lot of flexibility when setting up a funnel.

Reports by Categories

There are several Reports in the Contele Team Manager that you can view and filter by Categories.

Are they:
Visits report;
Productivity report;
Report of Unvisited Places;

If you understood and already know how to do it, hands-on!

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