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If you Can't find a registered location when booking, it's possible that this location is not in your wallet.

In the case of Standard User or Supervisor, it is possible that the Site does not appear because it is not in your Portfolio or in the Portfolios of its Subordinates (Supervisor).

If this is your situation, consult the Administrator of your account and ask him to add the Location to your Wallet. Learn more about Hierarchy and Portfolios.

Which Locations Can Each Hierarchy Schedule?

Administrator: Allows scheduling visits to all locations registered in the system.
Supervisor: Manages the scheduling of Visits to Sites registered in your Portfolio or in the Portfolios of your Subordinates.
User: You can schedule Visits to Places registered in your Wallet only when the function "Allow the scheduling of Visits through the application" is enabled in the system (Default). Learn more.

If the site still doesn't appear to you, make sure the site is actually registered.

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