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If You don't find the address you want when registering a place, there are 2 possibilities:

Some Address data is Incorrect;
Google Maps does not have this address registered in its base.

In some cases, the second possibility is what happens, and some users believe it might be an application flaw.

Do not worry! If the addresses are correct, but you still can't register, the Contele Field Team app has a solution:

In the application it is possible to open the map and position the pin on the desired location, without the need to enter addresses.

Inside the Address field, there will be a button for you to be directed to the map:

Registration of locations

Click on the button above the image;
When opening the map in the app, move the pin to the desired location;
By dragging to the desired location, the app will load the address information.

After selecting the location on the map, the number, district, address and city information will be filled in the app as well as in apps like Google Maps and Uber.

Find out how this feature works from the 0:50 minute of the video below:

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