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More than 1 person using the same login

If the login is used by more than one Supervisor or Administrator, first check the possibility that one of them has changed the password or email used.

How to Recover Password

Nowadays, it is very common for us to forget our access passwords and, in case that happens, here is the step-by-step guide to regaining your access to the system.

On the access screen, click on the I Forgot My Password option, below the Login button.

In the next step, it is very important that you fill in the access email, the same one you usually use to login.

Note: If you don't remember your login email, ask your manager or ask them to change it to one of their choices.
Once that's done, check your inbox and look for an email with the subject "Password Recovery".

Just enter your personalized password and presto, your access to the system will be normalized.

If the e-mail is deleted from the system for any reason, contact the consultant via chat so that he can create a new access.
Consultants and Support do not have access to logins and passwords, but in case of reset or need to change, Administrators will be able to create new passwords.

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