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What is Zapier?

Zapier is an integrator that allows easy automation of actions between different applications and software your company uses.

With Zapier, you will be able to integrate thousands of systems with Contele Field Team Manager, such as ERPs, CRM's, among others.

How to create a Zapier account

How to search apps and software on Zapier

Zapier provides streams to automate the use of web apps to work together. It is described as a translator between web APIs. And it works with over 3,000 apps.

Researching which programs can have automated processes is simple. On the Zapier home page, click on the button with a magnifying glass icon. A search box will open, just type in the name of the desired app. (See how here

TIP. Many apps are in the beta category and therefore don't show up in the search. If you can't find an app, you can request add app to Zapier .

How can I integrate the system I use with Contele Field Team Manager via Zapier?
1 - Log in to your Zapier account.
2 - Click on the Make a Zap button. You will be redirected to the Zap creation screen;
3 - Choose the application you want to automate with the Contele Field Team Manager. It will run Trigger. To do this, do the system search (in the application's search box) and locate your system. Click on that software.
4 - Choose the type of trigger (Trigger Event) to be performed. Click Continue.
5 - An option will be enabled for you to inform the access data to this system. Click this button and enter the data in the opened pop-up window. Click Continue.
6 - Now you need to configure the action. In part 2. Action, find the Contele Field Team Manager.
7 - Choose the event. And hit the Continue button.
8 - Click on “Sign in to Contele Field Team Manager”. A pop-up window will open for you to enter the Token (key) and press the confirm button. Tip: In this step, you need to be logged in to Contele Field Team Manager.
9 - The next step is to combine the data that will be sent. Combine the fields telling you what data you want to record.
10 - After combining the information, just go ahead, name the Zap and finish.

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