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In Contele Field Team Manager, you do not need to back up the database.

The system is composed of several types of databases. Each part of the system is in one place and works independently. This is what they call microservices.

Data is kept together with that of other customers.

Learn more about the system in this article.

This is good because you have more information security and you don't have to worry about it.

We guarantee that none of your data will be lost. We work the servers constantly, and we also have automatic backups.

Learn more about our data policy by reading the clause data confidentiality.

Exporting reports

Still, you can export various reports from our system, see below:

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How to export your users. Learn more.
How to export Refund Report. Learn more.
How to export Monitoring Report. Learn more.
How to export Forms Report. Learn more.
How to export visit report. Learn more.

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