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Do you need to replace a system user with a new one?

Calm! We've thought of everything so you don't have to suffocate. 😉

Now we have a new way to manage Users: Disable .
Previously, you deleted a User or overwritten their data, and the old records remained in the new User's name, which could cause some confusion.
To prevent this from happening again, we changed the Delete button to Disable.

How do I disable a User?

In Side Menu > Settings > Users access the users editing menu, represented by the pencil icon.

After that, you must click on Disable.

Confirm the process. Then a license will be released and you will be able to register a new User.

How do I enable a user with a disability?

First, Make Sure you have Licenses Available to enable a User. After this verification, the option Display Disabled Users.

Now a list with all Disabled users will appear. Just click the user edit button again and Enable. The user will appear in the activated list again.

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