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The Contele Team Field Manager keeps information related to visits throughout their lives.

The data is saved as long as the customer has an active subscription to guard against labor claims, where the external employee claims to be on visits that he has not been on or the company has not heard of.

Another important application , are digital work orders, if you have adopted or will adopt the digital model of Contele Team Field Manager, you will be able to store digitally for a period more comfortable for you.

Why lifetime?

It serves both for legal obligations in the event of an employee's labor lawsuit, as well as to safeguard his performance in the service with his client.

With lifetime history, you don't worry about delays in the judiciary or if you're going to lose an employee's history after 7 years.

The lifetime history for your company also protects your service provision, should a customer question the guarantee of your service.

It stores:

Date and Time, Name of the Employee who made the visit, Place of the Visit, Status: (pending or complete), Check-In / Check-Out Time, Visit Observation, Comments, Category change history, Photos, Signature, Responsible for the signature, Document of the responsible and all the information of the Forms function.

Note: Data from more than 1 year, if not on the platform, need to be requested to support.

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