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For the Contele for Teams app to work correctly, you need some permissions to use your mobile device. These settings are indicated if the Teams Contele presents any loss of performance such as inaccuracy in the location to validate the Check-in, failures when taking pictures, loading files from the gallery, among others.


When installing the Contele for Teams app, a request for permission to allow the use of:

GPS (for route location and visits)
Camera (to take photos on visits)
Storage (access gallery and photo rescue)
Notifications (to receive daily notifications)
Telephone (to call registered customers)

Just authorize these permissions after making the first access to the application for these items to be applied on your mobile.

Press Confirm to Activate Permissions

WARNING: If these permissions are not enabled, the Contele for Teams application will not work correctly.

We've identified that newer versions of Android 8.0 may block app usage in some scenarios. In these cases, the user must manually configure these permissions.

In case of any usage problem, we NOT advise that the APP be uninstalled. This action can lead to loss of data stored on the device.

How to Reset:

On your mobile, go to “Settings > Applications”.
Locate the Contele Teams app and tap “Permissions”.
On the Permissions screen, enable: “Location”, “Storage”, “Camera” and “Phone”.

TIP: Another way is to find the Contele for Teams app on your phone and hold your finger on it for two seconds. An “Application Information” dialog will open. Tap this dialog which will open the screen to edit the application's settings.

Battery Optimization

Android battery optimization causes the Contele for Teams app to NOT send visit routes to the system.

This can cause your visits not to be stored in the system, impacting on professional performance, on productivity metrics and also on the reimbursement made by your company per kilometer traveled.

How to Disable Battery Optimization?

On your smartphone, go to Settings and enter Apps;
Look for Contele Field Team Manager in the search and click on the APP;
In the app info, press Battery;
On the Battery screen, press Optimize battery usage;
After that, change the Unoptimized Apps view to All;
Look for Contele teams in the search and uncheck the checkbox next to the APP to disable battery optimization.

Click here and see how to disable this feature.

Tip: Configure the Contele Teams app to allow its use in the background

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