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Need to do a more detailed analysis of a user's routine?

In this report, you can see the timeline with all the location, visit, and device details.

The APP communicates with our servers every 6 minutes to send data, and the information is stored and sent when possible if the cell phone is without internet.

Android battery optimization can affect the user's exact location. Click here to find out how to resolve this situation.

How to access the Monitoring Report

In the side menu, click on Reports > Monitoring.

Search, Filter and Export

At the top of the screen, you will need to choose at least one username and date. Other filters are optional and can be activated or changed after searching.

If you need to export, you must choose a maximum period of 2 days and click on the button next to the search.

All Events

Log in and Log out of the app.
Fictitious location (FAKE GPS) enabled.
Battery level.
Turned the device on and off.
Use on more than one device.
Wrong device time (possible time manipulation).
Android battery optimization affecting the app.

In this survey, a link is generated at the address that directs you to more information about the visit.

Wrong Device Time (possible time manipulation).

The system validates that the device's time is compatible with the user's time zone.

Attention: It can be an attempt of fraud, where the objective is to cheat the system to register a late visit or some error in the registration of time and time zone.

The device may have an incorrect time and time zone due to incompatibility between the operator, Android version, and the device.

To differentiate between an attempt to circumvent the system and a registry error, it is important to analyze the timeline of the current day and also the other days, in order to answer the following questions:

Is it always the same way at the same time? In that case, it might actually indicate a configuration error on Android. If so, see this guide>

Are there times with correct time and others with incompatible time or is the Check-in and Check-out time different? This case indicates that you hear device time manipulation.

Simultaneous Smartphones Connected

We inform the identification of the cell at each monitoring point. This lets you know if the device has changed and if the same user is logged in to two devices at the same time.

Android Battery Optimization

This message will appear when Android battery optimization is affecting the functioning of the app. To solve this, you will need to change a setting on Android to remove it from the list of optimized apps. We list the necessary procedures in Learn more

How to Export and Print

After making the adjustments to the Monitoring Report, just send the report to the desired email, directly on the “Export” icon.

When selecting many columns to export, the PDF may come with line breaks.

Please note: Contele Field Team Manager is capable of exporting up to 5,000 locations and 5,000 users at once.

Important: The Monitoring Report can only be exported in . XLSX (Excel) file and the search filter must be respected every two days due to the size of the file.

Monitoring Report Questions

How do you check the day before?

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