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Opening a call

A ticket is the record of a task / call generated by a customer's demand.

When opening a call, a service number is generated, recording all details, history, request and solution date for this task.

There are three ways to register a ticket in Contele Desk:
Via Contele Desk;
Via landing page for your customer to register;
By email to your customer to register.

How to create a ticket via Contele Desk

In Contele Field Team Manager, click Contele Desk > Tickets > New Ticket.

Button located in the upper right corner of the screen

Fill in the ticket details:

Subject: Ticket summary;
Customer: Indication of customers to be served;
Priority: Selection between open ticket priority levels;
Attendant User responsible for recording the Call;
Description: Full call details.

Finally, click on Create Ticket.

You will be directed to the page that gathers all the information related to this call.

Once a ticket has been created, it will be listed as the last item in the Triage column on the ticket flow page.

Tip: Ticket details can be edited. Find out how by clicking on this link.

Tip: After creating a Ticket, you need to schedule the visit. Find out how by clicking on this link.

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