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To facilitate the work of teams on the streets in places with mobile internet oscillation, the manager can enable the option of Offline Portfolio in Contele Field Team Manager.

In this way, the set of Places associated with an external Users can be viewed in the Contele for Teams application, regardless of the quality and internet signal.

How to activate the offline wallet

In the side menu, click Settings > Wallet.

On this screen, the Manager will have access to all Portfolios already created in the system.

Finding which Wallet you want to change, just click on the icon (⚙) located on the right corner and choose the option “Enable Offline”.

Once this is done, all addresses included in this Portfolio will be visible in the User Contele for Teams application, even without internet signal.

How to download visits in the app

Once the function is enabled in the system, the User must, when entering the application, go to Places and remain on the screen.

Places will be downloaded automatically.

Before the Users starts his/her routine, it is recommended that he access the Contele Field Team application in an internet location and download the portfolio associated with it.
Attention: internet connection is required in the Contele Field Team app to download the portfolios offline. This is done only once, after downloading the wallet, the data is saved in the app.
Contele Field Team Manager has a limit of 10,000 total locations for the user / wallet.

Disable offline wallet

To disable the Offline Wallet, the manager must access Settings > Wallet, indicate which one you want to remove from this option, click on the gear icon (⚙) and choose “Disable Offline”.

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