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It is very common for external teams working in more remote locations to spend most of the day without internet.

The Contele Field Team APP works offline and the data that is filled without internet is synchronized when the device connects to the internet again.

Attention: To synchronize all data recorded offline, it is necessary that you remain logged in the application and not clear the cache.
How to use the Contele Field Team APP without internet

It is very important that, before leaving to a place without internet, the User loads the Visits in the application in a place with internet, for example, before leaving home.

With the Visits loaded in the application, check-in and check-out the Visits, take the Photos, fill in the Forms and make the Digital Signature;
You can also make One-Time Refunds and use all other APP functions;
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At the end of the visit, find a place with internet and let the application automatically sync the data.

When should I use Contele Field Team without the Internet?

You can use Contele Field Team without internet when you are in a region with no signal, but especially in a region with weak signal.

That's because in the region with weak signal, the smartphone is connected to the network, but the signal will slow down the application, creating loading screens that don't end.

To do this, disable Mobile Data and Wi-Fi on your smartphone to make sure you stay offline.

Synchronization of recorded data without internet

The app syncs automatically, without requiring the user to do anything.

But if you find that something hasn't synced, you can sync manually.

In an internet-enabled location, open the Contele Field Team APP and from the Home screen, click the Sync icon 🔁 located next to Notifications.

Click on the "Synchronization" button and wait for all data to be synchronized with the system.

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