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We have just made the organization of your Users in Contele Field Team Manager with Tags even more flexible.

They allow you to categorize each User individually, making it easy to organize and search within the system.

Watch the Quick Manager Training by clicking here.

Examples of Using Tags:

Create teams (Technical, Commercial, Promoter)
Segment teams by region (Capital, Interior, Rural, Micro and Macro regions...)
Segment teams by the result for training and follow-up).
Target users you want to highlight and/or who need special attention.

Where to Start?

Click the + icon next to the Bookmark. When opening the screen, you can add, remove or create new Tags and Users.

Type the title you want to give the Tag and press Enter to add the Tag.

If you want to add a title like "Maintenance Service" we recommend using a hyphen (-) to separate the words, as the system removes spaces between the words and your tag will become Maintenance Service.

Example of use: Maintenance-Service.

Note: Name and use the labels obeying the letters Upper and Lower , as the system recognizes these characters in different ways. Example: if "VISIT", "visit" and "Visit" are recorded, Contele management teams will recognize them as three distinct labels.

See also the quick guide Organizing Your Visits with Tags.

Learn to define, prioritize, highlight and target visits using tags.

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Date of last article update: August 13, 2021
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