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We have just made the organization of your Visits even more flexible in the Contele Field Team Manager with Labels .

They allow you to Individually Categorize each Visit, making it easy to organize and search the system.

It's a very powerful function and we'll show you how you can take advantage of this tool below.

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Examples of Using Tags:

Define the types of Visits;
Prioritize Visits;
Highlight Important Visits;
Segment different types of Visits;
Unlimited possibilities!

Where to Start?

You can create new tags in two ways:

1st Form
In the side menu, click Settings > Tags.

On the Labels screen, click on the "Add Label" field, enter the desired term and click on Add.

If a label is registered with the same name as an existing one, it will be created as a duplicate (even if one form is UPPERCASE and the other is lowercase).

2nd Form
From the side menu, click Reports > Visits.

On this screen, a list of all Visits performed is displayed.

In the Tags category, click the icon (➕) to edit the Visit information.

Add tags directly around.

Tags are also available on the Visit Planning and Scheduling screen when creating a new visit.

Attention: It is only possible to create or assign up to five Tags to a Visit.

Note: Name and use the labels obeying the letters Upper and Lower , as the system recognizes these characters in different ways. Example: if "VISIT" , "visit" and "Visit" are recorded, Contele Field Team Manager will recognize them as three distinct labels.

After the creation of the Visit, it is possible to edit the Tags in the Visits Edition.

Just access the Visit Planning and Scheduling screen, select the desired Visit and click on “Change Visit”. The Tags field will appear next to the Location category.

If you want to add a title like "Maintenance Service" we recommend using a hyphen (-) to separate the words, as the system removes spaces between the words and your tag will become Maintenance Service .

Example of use: Maintenance-Service.

How to Use Tags?

When you access the Visit Report, you will notice a new Tags option in the upper right corner. 

Here, you can search for up to five Tags, allowing you to view only what is of interest to you.

With the Report filtered, export it in .XLSX or PDF formats.

Remember: it is possible to edit the details of a Visit (including the Tags) from the Visit Report by accessing the icon in the right corner of each line and clicking on "Edit" .

General Label Settings

To further access the configuration of labels, go to Settings in the side menu and click on Labels.

In addition to checking all active Tags, you can check who created a specific Tag and delete an existing one.

The settings panel also allows you to analyze the number of Visits linked by Tag, and analyze the creation date of each one.

To recap:

Tags are a way to flag a visit, in addition to the location category
Tags make it easy to search and filter your visits
Create and tag visits when creating and editing visits
Organize and view your tags in the visit report

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