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During Importing Locations you may encounter an Error message.

These are the most common errors, and their solution is quick:

The contents of the file have special characters (* ! % $ < > ; ?) or single and double quotes (" ')

Use CTRL+F or Cmd+F to find these characters in the spreadsheet you are importing.

See this video about this type of error when importing Places:

If the file has ; (semicolon), you can import the file into Google Sheets, separating by this special character, and exporting the file again.

File format error

Select this option (CSV separated by commas) when saving/exporting the spreadsheet. [Make sure to use "," (commas), not ";" (semicolon)]

The encoding of the file is not UTF-8

In advanced settings when saving/exporting, check that the encoding is in UTF-8 format.

The file exceeded 10,000 lines

This is the limit of each import, split the Places into 2 spreadsheets and import again.

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