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There are several ways to register Places, and in this article, you'll learn them all:

Registering a new location via the system (WEB)
Registration of vacancies by the system
Registering locations by map
Location registration by APP
Import locations
Places: Location address record survey update

Registering a new website through the system (WEB)

To register a new Local through the system, just access Configurations> Locales.

The main button on the screen is "Create Location", where you can choose various items like:

Corporate Name;
The e-mail;

Tip 1: In the Address field, after typing the desired address, just press the ENTER key for the system to find the Location being created.
Tip 2: You can search by zip code. To do this, in the address field, click Search by zip code and enter the zip code.
Tip 3: The Remarks and Comments fields are URL-aware. You can include links such as the company page, files stored in clouds or other data available on the Internet to complete the location information.
Attention: make sure you always fill in the complete address in the field, so that the system will do the correct search.
Attention: The supervisor MUST add the Location created in a Portfolio, so that he and the Users can find it in the system.

In addition to these items, it is possible to place Observations on the Site, for strategic purposes during the Visit. This item, as well as others, will be visible in the APP for the User.

Registration of Locations by the System

Registration of Locations by Map

Location Registration by APP

To register a new location, you can do this through the application in two ways: Already at the location or by searching for the location in Contele Field Team Manager.

Be on site

From the app installed on your smartphone, go to the Locations section and click on New Location.

When you reach the Address block, click the precision icon 🧿 in the text field.

The Map will open, with the approximate location of where you are.

Manually select the correct location address, confirm it and change the address number (if necessary) in the location record.

Not being

In the Locations section and click on New Location.

When you reach the Address block, fill in the postal code or address of the location.

If necessary, open the map to verify that this is the correct location.

Import Locations

Bulk Location Registration (Import)

Location Registration: How to Delete Import and Alert when Performing Procedure

If you already have a list of locations in an Excel spreadsheet, you can export it to Contele very simply.

Click on the Settings tab and enter Locations. Located at the top left of the screen, click "Register Locations" and then "Import Locations".

Select your spreadsheet. Once the files are transferred, you will be asked to fill in the Database field.

Important: The spreadsheet file must be in .cvs UFT-8 format for you to import.

Learn how to export your system locations in this article:

How to import and export Locations (Clients, Leads, Prospects, etc.)

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