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The screen Planning and Agenda is for you to plan the Visits of your external team.

Planning and Agenda: Overview

Planning and Agenda: Planning the Visit

Planning and Agenda: Self Planning

Planning and Agenda: Scheduling by Map

On the left side of the screen, you can select which users you want to view on the calendar.

You can also view schedules for past and upcoming months, and Calendar view can be switched from Month (default) to Day or Week.

At the top of the screen, you can filter the schedule by different items such as Category, Status and Locations.

By clicking on the green button, a screen will open where it is possible to plan and schedule the Visits of the desired Users.

Planning and Scheduling Questions:

How do Repeat Visits Work?

Difference in Route Calculation and Best Route

How to Reschedule Visits?

Tip: A quick way to reschedule a visit in the calendar is to grab the desired visit with your mouse and drag it to another date.

How to change the User in an already scheduled visit?

If you have scheduled a Visit, but want to change the User who will make it:

From the menu, click Schedule and select a scheduled visit;
Click on Change Visit;
Select a new User and click Save;


You can replace the person who made the visit by editing the Service Order under Visit Report > Select Visit > Edit Visits.

Can I Print the Schedule or Route?

Mass Scheduling for Multiple Dates

Deleting Pending, In Progress, and Canceled Visits

I cannot find a place that has been registered
If you are Standard User or Supervisor , it is possible that the Site will not appear because it is not in your Portfolio or in the Portfolios of its Subordinates(Supervisor). If this is your situation, consult the Administrator of your account and ask him to add the Location to your Wallet. Learn more about Hierarchy and Portfolios.

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