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Contele Field Team Manager plans are based on the payment period:

Monthly: Subscription paid every month, considering the date of hiring.
Quarterly: Subscription paid every 3 months, considering the hiring date.
Semi-monthly: Subscription paid every 6 months, based on hire date.
Annual: Subscription paid every 12 months, taking into consideration the date of signing.

Forms of payment (Limited per Plan)

Credit Card: Only for the Monthly Plan.
Bank Draft: Quarterly, Semiannual and Annual plans.


When you subscribe to one of the plans below, your subscription will receive an automatic discount:

Semiannual Plan: 10% discount
Annual plan: 15% discount

How to know what my plan is and how to change it

On the system side menu, go to Settings and click on Users.

On the screen, click the Hire more licenses button to be directed to the billing data.

On this screen you will be able to see:

Number of licenses you have;
Date of next billing date
Invoice amount;

In addition, you can contract and update payment methods and billing address.

Tip: You can also view your plan by clicking on My Profile in the system side menu.

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