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Understand Portfolios as a group of Locations that you can easily associate and edit, as well as being another form of targeting within the system.

The Wallets function is very useful for:

Exchange several Locations of a User in case of layoffs, vacations, among others;
Add users to view an existing wallet;
Segment to Filter in Unvisited Places a Portfolio, being able to schedule Bulk Places with ease. Learn more;
Easily associate a location group for one or more users to get an in-app view of those locations.

Operating rules

A Location can be within one or an infinite number of Wallets.
A Wallet can be associated with a User or with several Users.
A user can have one or several wallets associated with him.

How to create a portfolio

In the side menu, click on Settings > Wallets.

In the functions screen, click on Create wallet.

Enter your wallet name and click save.

Then your wallet will appear at the top of the wallet column. In it, click on the icon located on the right (⚙) and select the one you want to associate first:

Locations (View Locations);
Users (View Users);

After associating a Site or User, you must search the Wallet name in the search field to associate the missing item.

You are able to offline the locations from a wallet to users. Learn more.
By clicking the edit wallet icon (⚙), you can still rename and delete it.

Portfolio membership. Learn more
Advanced: The system CANNOT associate a Location with other Wallets when programmed? Learn more
Bulk Imports and Location Editing. Learn more.

Users and supervisors can only see locations that are registered in their portfolios.

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