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Understand Portfolios as a group of Locations that you can easily associate and edit, as well as being another form of targeting within the system.

The Wallets function is very useful for:

Exchange several Locations of a User in case of layoffs, vacations, among others;
Add users to view an existing wallet;
Segment to Filter in Unvisited Places a Portfolio, being able to schedule Bulk Places with ease. Learn more;
Easily associate a location group for one or more users to get an in-app view of those locations.

Operating rules

A Location can be within one or an infinite number of Wallets.
A Wallet can be associated with a User or with several Users.
A user can have one or several wallets associated with him.

How to create a portfolio

In the side menu, click on Settings > Wallets .

In the functions screen, click on Create wallet .

Enter your wallet name and click save.

Then your wallet will appear at the top of the wallet column. In it, click on the icon located on the right (⚙) and select the one you want to associate first:

Locations (View Locations);
Users (View Users);

After associating a Site or User, you must search the Wallet name in the search field to associate the missing item.

You are able to offline the locations from a wallet to users. Learn more.
By clicking the edit wallet icon (⚙), you can still rename and delete it.

Portfolio membership. Learn more
Advanced: The system CANNOT associate a Location with other Wallets when programmed? Learn more
Bulk Imports and Location Editing. Learn more.

Users and supervisors can only see locations that are registered in their portfolios.

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