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To calculate Routes, plot Visits and, among other things, the APP Contele Field Team Manager uses the smartphone's GPS to perform these functions.

For this, it is necessary that the GPS settings are correct, and the user is prepared to solve problems such as:

Loss of signal;
Signal sent wrong;
GPS variation;

Top causes of GPS problems

Among the main problems related to GPS are:

1. Signal Obstruction

The more open the location where the user is, the greater the GPS signal.

Therefore, any obstruction between the phone and the sky can negatively affect the signal strength, whether it's a tree, an underground parking lot, or even a pocket or backpack.

This is not a limitation of the Contele Field Team Manager APP, but a feature of GPS and smartphone technology.

2. It's time to tune in the satellite signals

The smartphone may not be in tune with the satellites, causing a delay in capturing the location.

To solve this situation, it is necessary for the user to be stopped for a moment in a location so that the smartphone's GPS locates its position more easily.

How to troubleshoot GPS problems

Turn off and restart your smartphone;
Reset GPS (commonly referred to as Location on smartphones);
Check if you have allowed the Contele Field Team Manager app to use your location: Settings > Apps > Contele Teams > Permissions > Enable location;
Disable all battery saving settings; Learn more in this article.
Make sure the location settings are set to High Accuracy. Settings > Connections > Location > Location method > High accuracy.

Even if you keep these settings on your smartphone, GPS can behave differently in everyday life.

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