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The Contele Field Team Manager app is constantly evolving, our development team works tirelessly to release app version updates, full of new features and functions.

If your team has an outdated version, some difficulties may occur.

Update the version automatically, is always the best way out.

Before doing anything

In some cases, users may have some difficulty using the APP and, most of the time, it's not something related to the app itself, but rather the smartphone in use.

Attention: Follow the 2 steps only if you are sure the data is in sync.
Make the APP sync: In the app, click the sync icon (🔄), so that all data saved in the APP is synced with the system.
Clear cache: In phone settings menu, go to Apps > Contele Field Team > Clear data/cache. Only do this if you have synced the data.

Then see if the difficulty in the APP doesn't happen anymore.

If difficulties persist, see if you can find it on the list:

Here are some articles that will help you solve any difficulties you may have.

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