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Understand the terminology legend of Contele Team Field Manager

Location: Point of Interest can be a customer, the seller's home or the company's headquarters.
Entry or presence at the Place: Check-in
Departure Location: Check-out

Starting point: first check-in and check-out performed for the day
Final point: last check-in and check-out performed for the day
Visits pending: all Sites awaiting check-in and check-out
Full visits: all places where check-in and check-out were carried out

Start the map trail wherever you want

By default, the Contele Team Field Manager orders to use the address of the first check-in and check-out of the day as a starting point.

Look! Scheduled visits are ordered with a pending status.

Emphasizing that the starting point can be the employee's home, as it can be the exit door of the company:

Trench tips

The Contele Team Field Manager has integration with Google Maps, Uber and WAZE, all for your employee to use the best route to the customer.

Just click on the icon:

Different menus
After checking in and out on a scheduled visit, she changes status and goes to the list of completed visits.


The Contele Team Field Manager counts for reimbursement all visits with check-in and check-out

Visits that do not have check-in and check-out must be manually approved in the system by the manager.

From the complete visits the system calculates, for example:

Total km calculated = 15.3 km
Km factor run = 0.45 / km
Total receivable = total km x km factor

See the infographic below. Click on the image to view in full screen.

Manual postings
The application allows you to post manual amounts refundable by your company.

See the example below:
To select, just touch the menu in the left corner of the blue bar.

In the second layer, the side menu will appear for you to select the new refund option!

The value is launched online and the manager can follow more quickly!

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