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The Productivity Dashboard is a system feature that groups all the data from your external team's visits, and turns it into graphs to analyze.

At the top of the page you will find all the filter options available to use in the Dashboard. You can filter for:

Delay Tolerance;
Date of Visit;
Categories and labels of Visits and Users.

What does the Dashboard present?

The Dashboard gathers the main indicators of the external team, both general and individual, such as:

Visits complete, incomplete, missed and late;
Most answered forms;
Average duration of Visits;
Visit and travel time
Total Reimbursement Amounts;
Ranking of Users.

Click on the information icon for more details of each card.

How to expand Cards on the Dashboard

On the Dashboard, there are some cards that are expandable, which by clicking on them will open up a more detailed screen, either in graphic or list format.

Expandable Icon

Export Reports

The Productivity Dashboard does not have the function to export reports, but if you want to print one, you can take a screenshot of the desired screen.

Learn how to take screenshots according to your system in the following articles:

Windows: Use Capture Tool to Take Screenshots
Mac: Take a screenshot on Mac

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