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In addition to the Reimbursement per KM Round made automatically by the Contele Field Team Manager APP, the User can make manual expenditure entries of Refundable and Non-Refundable, through Single Refunds.

In the app, the user can initiate refunds for:

Among other things.

Linking single refund to site or visit (For Users)

On the APP's home screen, go to Expenses, located in the lower right corner.

A keyboard will open where you will fill in the amount that needs to be refunded.

Then, it is necessary to fill in some information regarding the Reimbursement:

Date: Expense generation day;
Description: What is this expense or explanation of why it was spent;
Type: Category to which this expense fits;
Refundable: Whether the charge is refundable or not;
Link to Location or Visit: Select a Location or Visit where the expense was generated;
Add Photo: Field to add a photo (invoice, for example).

Reimbursable and Non-Refundable Expenses

These are refund categories that add up to the Refund Report and are amounts that the company needs to approve and make payment to the User.

Non refundable
These are release categories for which the company does not pay the user, but which need to be released for control reasons. They are usually carried out through corporate cards.

Contele For Teams spending screen

The Manager must instruct and explain to the User what is Refundable or not within the company.

Enabling a One-time Bulk Refund in the System (For Managers)

You may or may not enable 'Single Refund' for your company.

To do this, simply access Settings> Your Company> Single Refund.

In the block Single Refunds, check or uncheck the option Allow the registration of Single Refunds .

This way, the user on the street can use the 'Unique Reimbursement' feature through the Contele Field Team Manager application.

Enable One-time Refund for Users (For Managers)

You can also enable or block the use of ‘‘ One-Time Refund ’’ for certain users.

To use this feature, go to Settings>Users and select the User you want.

With the user selected, click Edit User.

Access the block Refunds in R$ and activate the button Enabled to register Single Refunds.

How to Correct / Cancel a Refund?

If the user has entered an incorrect refund for the system, he can ask the manager to delete the amount from the report.

Normal Refund Cancellation

In the side menu, click on Reports>Refund.

Select the desired User and click on View Detailed to check refunds per day.

Go to the day you want to cancel your refund and click the Ignore Visits button and do the following:

One-time Refund Cancellation

In the same screen as View Detailed, go to the Single tile and click the action icon ⚙.

Select Cancel to clear the system refund.

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Date of last article update: August 19, 2021
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