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We elaborated a step by step so you can learn how to use the Contele Team Field Manager refund easily and alone!

You will learn how to:

Configure and understand the calculation method;
View and edit the summary and detailed report;
How to use the app for KM and single refunds;
How to export refund reports in Excel and PDF;

Initial refundable settings

In the Side menu, go to Settings and then "Your company".

Under "Refund settings" you can define all items related to the refund:

Reimbursement for distance traveled: Enter the amount that will be reimbursed per kilometer traveled. Use the Online Refund Calculator to get your amount. This value will be considered as the default for all Users on the team.

To use a different Reimbursement for distance traveled value for a given User, use User Settings.

Delimit Maximum Check-In Distance: Delimit, in meters, the acceptable distance for Check-in and Check-out.
Start Point and End Point: These will be the considered Places, of departure and arrival, for the calculation of reimbursement. The User will also be able to define the Start and End Point Locations through the application.

Refund Calculation Method

The Contele Team Field Manager system calculates reimbursement based on the Best Route between Visits.

If the User uses other paths, or leaves the route for private purposes, these kilometers are not considered by the system and are discarded in the Reimbursement Report.

The system considers the Start and End Point in the refund calculation.

How to launch loose by the application

Through theApp, the User can make separate expenses entries for reimbursement.

At the beginning of the app, go to "New Release", enter the amount of the expense.

The User may:

Add Description;
Put a Type (Food, Fuel, Mail, Parking, etc.)
Determine whether it is refundable or not;
Link to a Visit;
And, finish, adding a photo.

Click here and see more about Single Refunds.

Refundable Report

The reimbursement for distance traveled and the individual expenses are made available to the Manager in the Reimbursement Report.

To access the reports, simply access the Reports category on the left side tab and then click on Refundable.

On the screen, you will find a consolidated view of your team's Reimbursement, segmented by KM and Single Refund. Within the individual, the segmentation of the types used.

Tip: [Click here] and take a Tour of the Refundable Report.

How to export refund reports

Also in the Reimbursement Report, at the top of the screen, there is the option to Export Report.

The report can be exported in Excel (Detailed), CSV and PDF (Summarized, with signature field).

The report will be sent in about 5 minutes to the informed email.

Common Refund Mistakes

The refund calculation may be wrong for some reasons, the most common of which are:

Change in Location address:
Did you change the address of any place you visited that day? If so, you must update refunds from that date as well.

If necessary, make a simple change to the Location map pin, and select the incorrect option and refund date

The User forgot to make a Visit:

If you forgot to make a Visit, and want to add to calculate in the Refund Report, it's simple:

Go to the detailed Reimbursement Report for the desired User;

Click the "New Visit" button.

Add the desired Locations, and a new Route will be calculated for the Refund Report.

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