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It is possible to register new Locations in the App and schedule visits in areas without 3G/4G coverage.

But we indicate that the smartphone always has an internet (data) active, to perform the synchronization as soon as possible.

Registering the Address

Click Places in the APP menu.
Click the New Location button.
Fill in the Location address and data.
Click Save to complete the registration.

You will not receive scheduled visits by your manager if your cell phone does not have internet access. To receive this information, simply activate the data packet on your device, go to a location with signal coverage (3G/4G) and refresh the visitors page (by pressing your finger on the page and dragging down)

Location geolocation without internet

Without internet on the smartphone, the application will not identify the User's geolocation.

Therefore, it is necessary to enter the address for the creation of the Place and, after connecting to the internet, make the geolocation.

Remember: You can also visit while offline.

Learn more about Registering Locations in this video:

Places: Location address register search update

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