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By default, Contele Field Team Manager orders the First Check-in address of the day to be used as the starting point and the Last Check-in as the arrival point.

This means that the Run KM Refund will be counted within this first and last check-in.

Between the first and last Check-In, the Best Routes made by the Manager for the driver will be calculated.

Because of this, there may be some differences, if the Manager has planned the route a day in advance, and during the day there is a traffic jam or detour.

Example of how Contele Field Team Manager calculates the route

If you want to change your departure and arrival point settings, just go to Settings > Your Company and scroll down to Refund Settings.

The starting point can be either the employee's home or the company's exit door.

How is Reimbursement per KM Run calculated in Contele Field Team Manager?

Contele Field Team Manager has integration with Google Maps, Uber and WAZE for the User to use the Best Route to the client.

To do this, select the Visit you wish to make and click on the icon located next to the Location address.

It will give you application options, select the one you like best.

The application will trace a Route that the User must follow.

It is very important that the User follow the route that was traced, as the application will calculate the Refund based on it.

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