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To ensure the best productivity, Contele Field Team Manager calculates the KM traveled based on the best route on Google Maps, and to register it, homeless people only need to perform Check-in and Check-out in Visits**.

For those on the street, the GPS Navigator is integrated into the App, always showing the best route.

This route taken is sent to the Report and serves as proof of legal payment of separate expenses and KM Rodado.

It is also possible to record expenses with Reimbursement and post expenses through the App.

To access the reports, simply access the category Reports on the left tab and click on Refund.

On the screen, you will find a consolidated view of your team's Reimbursement, segmented by KM and Single. Within the single, type segmentation is used.

The pre-existing periods of the Reimbursement Report are:

7 days;
30 days;
This month;
Last month.

In addition to pre-existing periods, you can use the filter "Custom", which allows you to create the report for the period you want.

Tip: Click here and access the Refund Guided Tour.

In the Refund Report, you will have access to information about:

Filter by user;
Filter by date;
Consolidated team reimbursement information;
Mileage reimbursement;
One-time refund;
Refund Charts
Breakdown of reimbursement by user;

With the above information, you can determine the filters that meet your search needs.

How to Export and Print

After this adjustment, just send the report to the desired email, directly on the “export” icon.

The Report can be exported in three formats: Excel - .XLSX and CSV. and in PDF. Just choose which email you want to export and you're done.

In the detailed report by user, you can access the printable version via the button

To generate a single report with summary reimbursement for all users, the tip is to leave the user's choice field EMPTY

See a review of Exported Reimbursement Report:

Reminder: the system stores all the information while the subscription is active, but we indicate that the export must be done periodically, for an eventual need, it is not necessary to export very long periods.

How can I see the Details of a Refund?

If you or a User has doubts about the values ​​of the Reimbursement Report, it is possible to consult the detailed one, to verify the veracity of the information.

To do this, go to Reports> Reimbursement and, choosing the desired User, click on the "See Details" button.

On this screen, you can:

Adjust route: Add or delete Visits in the user's route;
Show refund route: See the route taken by the User on the Map, with KM Run and the amount to pay.
Ignore Visits: When detailing, you can ignore a Visit, which will change the refund calculation.

Tip: Still on the same screen, you have the option of "Printed version", which will load a new page with the printed version, where you can put user data, such as bank account for refund deposit, CPF, and field for the subscription.

How to change the retroactive km value in the Reports?

If you have updated your KM Run Refund amount, and wish to have the old Reports with this new cost, it is possible to do so through a "trick".

For this:

From the side menu, click Settings > Your Company, go to Refund Settings and update the refund amount per mileage run.
*Click Save.
In the menu, go to * Reports > Refund;
Choose the user you want to update the refund;
Select a retroactive date to change (Yesterday, Last 7 days, 30 days, Custom);
Immediately activate and deactivate the Company Car button, located at the top of each Route.

This will force the system to update and by disabling the option the Refund value will be updated.

We advise to make this update before Users make their Visits on the day, otherwise it will consider the old value.

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