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Some users of our system reported wrong times in Visits and Reports.

This is a daylight saving time change that primarily affects Windows.

How to change the computer's time zone?
To solve this kind of problem on Windows, follow the 4 steps below:

In the Windows search field, type Change time zone or Change date and time and access the settings.
DO NOT CHOOSE Brasília time (UTC-03), when using it, Windows considers UTC-02, as currently there is no Brasília (UTC-03) ) due to daylight savings time.
Use (UTC-03) Salvador for any region in the country;
Except Amazonas, which must use (UTC-04) Georgetown, La Paz, Manaus; And Acre, which must use a (UTC-05) time zone.

When making the change, close the browser and open it again.

If the problem persists, change to another time zone that has the same UTC and close it again and open the browser.

Time zone in Contele Field Team Manager APP

It can happen that the user's smartphone has the wrong time zone and this wrong setting results in:

Check-in failures;
Wrong dates;
Form error;
Among other things.

How to change time zone on smartphones?

Open Settings on your smartphone.

Go to General Management and press Date and Time.

On the screen, it will have the session of automatic date and time, DISABLE.

Now manually set the correct time zone, date and time.

Disable automatic date and time

You can now use Contele Field Team normally.

Some terms may vary by smartphone and system update.

Control Contele Field Team

Another important check is to check the time zone registered in your Contele Field Team Manager account.

To verify, simply go to the "Your Company" tab, in the Settings menu.

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