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In Contele Field Team Manager, you can schedule visits in bulk using an online spreadsheet.

To do this, you need to use Zapier's Action to schedule a visit. Learn more

In the example below, I'm using as a trigger (Trigger) new rows from a Google spreadsheet to perform the schedule.

I'm using mandatory fields for scheduling:

E-mail of the user who will receive the visit
Location identification on Contele.
Term “Tomorrow” for scheduling Visits for tomorrow, without a defined time.

In case you don't know what it is and how to use Zapier, read this article:
Introduction to Zapier

Tip: You can pass the date as a variable in the spreadsheet to schedule according to the given date. In this example, my need was to schedule for tomorrow.

Obs. In this case, I exported all Contele locations (learn more) and opened in a Google spreadsheet.

In Google Sheets, I added a column to put the user's email address for the visits I wanted to schedule and copied the information to a new page, which I named Schedule.

Result of the example I used:

I hope this article inspires you to find the ideal way to work to make a bulk booking in a much simpler way!

Below I leave a video demonstrating and also commenting on some other possibilities.

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