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Before learning to Schedule Visits in an Integrated and Automatic way, check this content here before.

This is a guide for you to schedule visits in the Contele Field Team Manager, in an automated way from a system, spreadsheet or other 1500+ applications integrated with Zapier.

The content explains the fields of the Action of Scheduled Visit (Scheduled Visit) of the Contele Field Team Manager, available on Zapier.

There are many integration possibilities that can be done, from scheduling a visit with an online spreadsheet (basic level) to performing an integration from within Contele Field Team Manager with the system itself.

For example, by answering a certain question on the Form, Zapier can schedule a new Site Visit automatically (Advanced).

So that you don't get lost, I advise you to read the content below before proceeding to the next step.

Introduction to Zapier
How to locate Contele Field Team Manager on Zapier, generate Token and connect the account

If you've already arrived here, it's because you've read the above content or know Zapier, right? Let's go:

Action to schedule a visit to Contele Field Team Manager
The necessary fields for you to schedule a Visit are: Users (User)**, Location (Location) and Visit Date (Schedule Date).

Obs. It is not necessary the time. You can only schedule with the date.

Within this Zap, you can select a specific user from the list, who will be fixed for this automation, or you can use a custom one.

For this, it is necessary to send an email which must be the same as the user registered in Contele Field Team Manager.

Click, scroll to the bottom of the window and choose the “Use Custom Value” option to send the User's email.

The logic is the same for Local (Place).

Here you can pass the ID or name of the Place, and the system will find the Place with the name closest to what you passed. For this, try passing the name as similar to the one registered in the system.

The best tip here is to export all of Contele's Places and synchronize with your database, passing Contele's ID or name of the Place that is registered in Contele.

In Custom Value for Place, pass the place ID or approximate name.

Example: In this example above, I'm using a custom value and the name of the place I exported from Contele (identical), as I'm inside a spreadsheet where my first tab has all the places I exported, and in the second tab II integrated with this Zapier, I pull the name of the place that is on the first tab.

See my spreadsheet template by clicking here.

In Scheduled date (yyyy-mm-dd hh: mm), you can pass the complete date and time or just the date in the specified format.

If you only use the day, keep the NO parameter in the field Consider scheduling time? (optional).

You can also use Today to schedule today, as the field accepts the Date/Time fields available in Zapier.

Details (optional): Enter the details (instructions) of the visit here.
Note (optional): Notes are normally used to put details during the visit, but you can also put something here before.
Custom OS (optional): Field to identify the custom service request. You can put letters and numbers. This value will always be linked to each visit, so you can find this in the visit, export and search reports within the system. You can use it to associate this display and operating system with some other system or control.

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