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In Contele Field Team Manager, you can Plan and Schedule your Visits automatically with the Auto Planning tool.

How to use AutoPlanning

Self Planning uses a proprietary algorithm created by Contele Field Team Manager to best distribute based on the settings you programmed above.

In the side menu, go to Schedule / Schedule and click Schedule.

On the screen, click New Schedule to create and configure your bulk schedule.

In the tool, you can configure:

Define the radius (km) of Visiting Places
The start date of the Visit;
Days of the week on which the Visits must be carried out;
How many Visits per day will be made by each User;
Filter by portfolios, categories or tags (if desired);
Define the radius (km) of the Users who carry out the Visits;
Create a name and add notes to make it easier to organize.

View the number of Locations and Users corresponding to the Filter above the Map, and click Next.

Radio types

As seen above, there are two types of Rays to be defined, and the reason for this is to give you more freedom to configure your Planning without limiting yourself.

The Rays are:

Location Radius: Location radius determines which locations within the radius region should be visited. This radius is represented by the color blue in the system.

Users Radius: The Users Radius determines which Users must visit the Site. This radius is represented by the color green in the system.

Creating the Plan

After filling in the fields on the screen, click "Next".

Self-Planning will distribute the visits and show how they will look in List, Calendar and Map formats.

After verifying that everything is ok, click confirm.

To check the status of Planning, go back to the resource home screen.

Planning Status and Schedule List

Changing the status of Planning is performed automatically according to the following criteria:

The Plan was created and all Visits were Scheduled.

In Progress
The Current date is after the date of the first Scheduled Visit.

The Current date is later than the last scheduled date or there are no more Visits pending.

Listing of Plans
Plans with commitments for future dates will come first.

What do you need to know:

Supports up to 10,000 locations per schedule.
You can run multiple schedules.
1 location and 1 user can participate in 2 or more schedules at the same time.
You can view and edit as many times as needed before planning and scheduling visits.
Even after booking, you can still cancel Visits, but must be User by User.
It is possible to schedule new Visits for a User who already participates in the planning. It is still possible to change the schedule and use the best route function.

What Geolocation is Used for the User?

User coordinates will be obtained with the following sequence, passing to the next option only if not.

Registered user address; Learn more.
Registered company address;
Last coordinate obtained by monitoring data; Learn more.
Last used starting point. Learn more.

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Date of last article update: August 20, 2021
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