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Contele Desk can be configured to best suit your company's needs. Adjustments can be made easily and with just a few clicks.

In this article, you will learn how to Edit Ticket open actions.

The settings can be edited in the Settings item in the side menu

Opening Tickets

By clicking on settings in the side menu, you will be taken to the Tickets opening settings.

In this section, you can:

Free access to open Tickets by third parties (your customers);
Include your company logo
Get special links to include a shortcut button or a specific page for opening tickets to be included in your company portal.

Access to Open Tickets

In this field you can enable or disable the option of third parties (your customers).

By choosing the "Open" option, your customers can register the opening of a Ticket through an exclusive WEB page,

In the "Closed" option, the registration of the Ticket is limited to users of your company with permission to use the Contele Field Team Manager,

Tip: This option can only be enabled during periods when your company is up and running. Thus, it would avoid registering a Ticket outside business hours and impacting your SLA.

Company logo and opening page image

In this space, you can insert your company's logo and thus customize the exclusive WEB page display so that your customers can make a Ticket.

This image is limited to a maximum size of 5 MB. The recommended size is 645x546 pixels.

As for the header image of the ticket landing page, the recommended size is 1024x190 pixels.

Shortcut button

This space informs the HTML code for you to include a button on your company's website that directs your customers to open a Ticket.

To do this, you need to copy the code (just click on the option next to the box and all the content will be uploaded to the clipboard) and paste it into the source code of your company's website.

While adding the button to your company page is a low-difficulty task, it is recommended that you contact your site developer to determine exactly where this information will appear on your page.

Tickets opening URL

This space informs the URL address (web page) so that your customer can register a Ticket.

It is recommended to create a space on your company's website to attach this page.

It is recommended that you contact your company's website developer to create this space and include the fields to open the ticket.

An interesting tip is to use the iframe command in your website's HTML code. To do this, just include this command: <iframe src = "ADDRESS PROVIDED BY CONTELE DESK"> </iframe> on a specific page on your company's website.


On the Ticket Opening tab, you can also edit the fields that will make up the exclusive page for your customers to register the ticket,

By default, the Title and Description items are pre-configured.

However, you can include information for filling out the Ticket that best suits your company's needs.

To do this, just click on the "Add fields" button.

A window to configure these fields will open.

Exclusive page field edit window for your customers

To register this new field, you need to:

Set a title for this field
Choose the type of field with the best behavior according to your needs.

There are five types of fields:

Text - Field used to include short texts, such as a title for example;
Long Text - Field used to include a text box with up to 512 characters;
List - Field used to include a list with options to be chosen, such as categories;
Checkbox - Field used to include a checklist such as possible defective items;
Upload - Field used to attach files, such as photos or documents,

Data Display

The order in which the fields are displayed on the WEB page will be what is displayed on that page.

You can change this order. To do this, just click on the item and drag to the chosen display order.

TIP: It is advisable to start with a title (mandatory field) and end with a description (also required field).

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