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If you go to Configurations> Your Company, you will see a number in the upper right corner, the Company Code.

This code does not exist just for identification:

It can be used by its employees for registration purposes, without the need for the process to be carried out only by the Manager. Saving time.

In most cases, the manager ends up registering a new user in Settings > Users > Register User. There are some fields to be filled in, and not every manager has the time to go field by field.

While this method has the advantage of detailed and standardized registration, we offer a faster alternative, registration in the Company Code!

How does the Registration of Users by Company Code Work?

The big advantage: if you, the manager, provide the Company Code to your employees, they can carry out the User Registration on their own, allowing them to start using the Contele Field Team Manager application without external intervention or authorization.

When accessing the application for the first time, the User can register alone, at Register by company code.

After the registration is done by the User, the Manager can access it in the User Settings and make the necessary changes to the registration. Registration through the app is quick, as long as the User has the company code in hand, provided by the manager.

Important: do not share your company code with strangers.

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