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In this tutorial you will see how to create the file for import, edit and import it in the Contele Team Field Manager system.

How to import Places

1st step: Get your database.

The first step is to have a file listing all the places where your team visits.

If you haven't already, you can create one with Google Sheets, or you can use our standard template

Record information about the places on the spreadsheet, such as the company name, trade name and address.

For the import to work, it is necessary to fill in the fields indicating Trade Name , Street , Number and City of the places you want to register.

After filling in the necessary information, download the spreadsheet by clicking File> Download as> values ​​separated by commas (.csv).

⚠️ If you have edited the Excel spreadsheet, you need to save your spreadsheet in .XLS and import it into google Spreadsheets, open and download it as .CSV.

2nd step: Import the spreadsheet.

With the spreadsheet in .CSV, click on "Settings" Contele Team Manager located in the menu bar on the left side of the screen.

Click "Places" and then you will see the "Register Places" button that has an arrow next to it, click the arrow and select the option "" Import Places "**

Click on the option "Import Spreadsheet (CSV)" and upload the spreadsheet with the location information.

Confirm the information read by the system by clicking the "Save and Continue" button at the bottom of the screen.

There, you have successfully imported your base locations!

Watch this video on how to import Locations in bulk. Enable the caption

Exporting Locations or Bulk Update

You can also export Places in bulk in the Contele Team Field Manager.

In Settings > Places, in the arrow next to "Register Locations", you can Export Places in .XLSX.

If you want to update Locations in bulk, just update this spreadsheet that was exported, and follow the Places import step.

Watch these videos on how to update Places in bulk. Enable the caption.

Rules you need to know:

Importing coordinates and addresses, the system updates all system data following what is in the spreadsheet.

Importing only coordinates, without address fields, the system keeps the address fields registered in the system and updates the coordinates following what is in the spreadsheet.

If you delete an import, even if it is an update, it will delete the locations imported from the system.

The system performs the import in two steps: Register and then Geolocation, which is performed one by one by Google Maps Enterprise standards.

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