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To record the entry and exit of Products from the system, the role Transfers was created to record this action.

Types of Transfers

It is necessary to understand that the transfer works with the configuration of two parameters:

Origin: Where the product comes from.
Destination: Where the Product will be transferred.

To configure the transfer, there are 4 options you can use to create a certain action.

1. Origin

Stock: Location where the Products are collected;
Purchase: Represents entry into a particular location;
Location: Departure from a given address;
User: Transfer of a User to a certain location;

2. Destination

Stock: The destination is stock again.
Delete: you are removing the product from its place of origin to nowhere (in case of product breakage, breakage, etc.)
Location: Shipping the Product to a specific address;
User: delivery of the product to a user.

Transfer example

Imagine that you have done the following configuration:

Stock > Delete

This means that you are excluding a product from your inventory for a certain reason.

There are numerous combinations that can be made:

User to user, stock to user, buy to stock, etc.

For more examples and information, watch the video tutorial above.

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