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Unable to identify location... What is it and what to do.


Location services disabled on device.
No GPS or mobile operator signal
Battery saving enabled
The Contele app is being locked by Android to save energy.

How location services work:

Location services use GPS, cell tower locations, and Wi-Fi hotspots to determine your approximate location.

What to do?

Disable Android battery saver. This type of service forces the OS (Operating System) to disable various services running in the background on the device. Notifications also take longer to arrive when this feature is turned on.

Check in anywhere in the Contele app.

When checking in, the app runs scans on the device and asks to enable location services, so you just need to click yes to enable the services.

Enable location service in Android notification bar?

If the location service doesn't appear in the Android notification bar, please follow the steps:
To enable location access on the device:

To enable Wi-Fi:

Warning: The names of these options, menus and menu items may vary by device. Consult the documentation that came with the device or consult the Android operating system's Help Center.

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