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First, go to Settings>Users.

On this screen, you have the option to search in addition to the page view features.

With the names listed, you will see a "track" that defines the user's hierarchy in the system.

Note: Operational users do not have the banner on the screen.

User Hierarchy:

Administrator: The Administrator is the highest level of team and system management.

Supervisor: Has less privileges than Administrator and only controls his subordinates within the system.

Default (operational): The default user is usually the app user, who usually doesn't have web access. In this profile, any changes can only be made by the Administrator.

See more: What is the difference between Administrator, Supervisor and Standard?

Create User

Warning: Only Administrator and Supervisor users who can register users.

The main button on the screen is "Create User". This button allows the creation of all types of Users, among those listed above.

This button will only be enabled if you have enough contracted Licenses to create the User. Learn more.

By clicking on the button, you can select the User hierarchy and register your data, including your position.

In this user creation screen, the manager can edit various items such as:

Labels: Labels make it easy for users to organize. Learn more.
Monitoring: Configure User Monitoring schedules, or keep the default already configured in Your Company. Learn more.
Work Order: Here, you can block this User from manually sending the Work Order e-mail via Smartphone.
Application Settings: Allows or not the Scheduling and Rescheduling of Visits through the application.
Refund Settings: Choose whether the user will use the company's default refund setting and whether they can register a one-time refund.
Wallets: Choose which User Location Wallets are. Learn more.
Subordinates: Supervisor User only. Learn more.
Address: Register the User's home address, this may influence the refund. See more about Point of Departure and Arrival.

When selecting a Supervisor User and Administrator, the option "Receive Daily Report by email" will be enabled.

Default Company Settings

During User creation and editing, it is possible to enable the Monitoring and Refund settings to be the same as the defaults in Settings > Your Company.

This will make sure that, for this User, the defaults for the whole company will be taken.

Important: In the case of Refund, the settings for Blocking Check-ins with Visits in progress or far from the Places are also included.

I can't Register the User's email

The email registered when creating the user will be used to log into the system.

Therefore, if the email was previously used to test the system, it will not be possible to reuse it in the creation of another User.

If this happens, use another email to create the user.

Edit and Disable Users

In the Users list, by clicking Edit, you will be able to edit everything that was previously done in the User, including changing its hierarchy.

Disabled User is a feature to inactivate the user in Contele Field Team Manager, with the possibility of reactivation in the future (eg vacation, suspension, etc). After the user is disabled, it leaves the users field and only appears if you filter by "Disabled Users".

If the user does not have an email to register, they can create one immediately or you can enter a dummy email. Example:
Note: All future visits assigned to this user will be canceled once they are disabled.

If I Disable a User, do we lose the Passed Information?

If you disable a user from the system, the information generated by him will not be lost.

However, you will not be able to filter or find this user in the reports, but by Location Name, Service Order, Date, etc.

To see the Reports with the Username again, just enable the User again.

Important: When editing user information, save the information and refresh the Users page (F5) to update the information in the system.

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