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What is a Refused Visit

During a working day for the client, it may happen, for some reason, that the Visit does not take place.

When this happens, the User of the Contele Field Team Manager application can refuse the Visit.

How can I refuse a Visit through the Contele Field Team Manager APP?

On the Visits tab, select a scheduled Visit.

From the Selected Visit screen, click the ❌ next to Drag to check-in

Then, a new screen will open for the User to answer the reason for refusing the Visit, and the options are:

Closed place.
Nobody responds.
Travel problem.
The customer asked to reschedule.

Where to view Refused Visits in the system?

On the system's side tab, click on Reports and then on Visits.

In the Report, you will have the information about the Visit status in Scheduled for, where you will see the Visits status, such as Complete, Incomplete, Pending, and Rejected.

Tip: You can only view Denied Visits using report filters.

How do I see the reason for the refusal?
You can see the reason for the rejection of the visit by exporting the visit report or by analyzing the desired visit individually:

Click on the desired visit;
Locate the field About the visit - Observations and check the reason for refusal;

Click on the declined visit and check the Comments field.

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