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In this article, I'm going to show you how you can use the Visit Report in Contele Field Team Manager

Generating the Report

Access the system's side menu, go to Reports > Visits.

Within the Report, you have several ways to get the information you need for consultation or export.

You may:

Use the "Search" field to find any information;
Use a date filter, with predetermined or custom periods;
Filter Visits by category;
Filter or search by Forms;
Filter by User;
Search by types of labels;
Filter visits by status (completed, incomplete, pending, etc).

To differentiate each visit, edit the Categories color by clicking the button, selecting the category, and changing the color.

When performing a search on "Search up to five tags", User and Visit Tag results.

It is not possible to delete Visits that have already taken place.

Remembering that you can change the information in the visit report by clicking on the report edit items for each visit, such as:

Service Order No;
Date of Visit;
Location / customer name;
From the User;
User Tags;
Check-in time;
Check-out time;
Duration of visit;

You can view the complete Service Order by clicking the View Service Order 📄 icon or you can export it in Excel, Summary PDF, and Detailed PDF formats.

Tip: See a Guided Tour learn how to use the Visit Report.

What are Visit statuses?

Complete: visits with check-in and check-out, made today or in days past.
Incomplete: visits with check-in only, with an appointment date of Today.
Declined: visits that were declined by the User in the application
Canceled: visits canceled by the Administrator
Pending: visits for the day are incomplete.

How to restore a Canceled Visit?

In the Visit Report, find the Visit by filtering by the status of Canceled, or by searching by its name.

Then click on its 3 dots and select Validate.

After that, just save it and it will return to its last status.

How to Export and Print

After adjusting the Report, just send the report to the desired email, directly on the “export” icon.

The Visit Report can be exported in 2 formats: XLSX (excel) and PDF, being detailed or summarized.

In PDF format, as soon as you receive it in your email, just download it and it will be ready for printing if you wish. A tip: the shortcut Ctrl + P opens the print box.

See an Analysis of the Exported Visit Report:

The Responsible column represents the User who created the Visit, while the Employee is the one who made the external visit.
When selecting many columns to export, the PDF may come with line breaks.
Visits with canceled and declined status also appear in the report.
Please note: Contele Field Team Manager can export up to 5,000 locations and 5,000 users at the same time.

Reminder: the system stores all of them while the subscription is active, but we indicate that the export must be done periodically so that in the event of need, you don't have to export for very long periods.

Visit Report Questions

Why don't my forms appear in the visit report?

The reason for this is that Forms is disabled. When a form is disabled, it is unavailable for use on the system.

How to solve: in the side menu, go to Settings and go to Forms. Go to the Template column and click Enable on the Disabled Forms you want to check in the reports.

I edited the Place, but the Visit history hasn't Changed

What is the Difference Between Missed Visits and Pending Visits?

How to Remove Check-in or Check-out

How to Validate Visits

Edit and Adjust Visits

If the category of a visit is changed, this change will only occur in the visit and not in the registered place.

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