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We've created a step-by-step guide for you to learn how to use it easily and, best of all, yourself!

You will watch short and objective video lessons, where we simulate all the steps of the Visits and Routes, how to create, edit, repeat and delete a Visit by, and create Visits by the APP.

We have divided this article for Managers who use the system, and Users who use the Contele for Teams APP.

Planning and Schedule: Scheduling by Map

Planning and Schedule: Basic Scheduling

Planning and Schedule: Overview

Planning and Schedule: Visit Planning

Planning and Schedule: Self-Planning

Planning and Schedule: Difference between calculate route and best route

Planning and Schedule: How does the repetition of visits work?

Planning and Schedule: How to reschedule visits?

Planning and Schedule: Bulk scheduling for multiple dates

Planning and Schedule: Edit Schedule

Planning and Schedule: How to delete Pending, In Progress and Cancelled Visits

Visits Report: Overview

Additional: Visits analysis exported in Excel


How to insert a visit in the schedule

Best Route to get to the location of the visit

How to fill in the fields of the visit

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