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Contele Field Team Manager uses the Google Maps system to inform the Visiting Places and Users.

In order for the manager to be sure that the visits were carried out and in what way, the system indicates the employee's check-in and check-out at the specified location.

See below for Location Status types:


This status indicates that the Site has a coordinate.

It may or may not be registered in the correct location.

Once an employee checks in at this location, their status will automatically change to Validated.

This status means that an employee was actually at the Site's location and performed a check-in confirming the correct position of the address.


Status that indicates that there was a change of address (geolocation) in the location record, it may have been performed by the ADM or User.

In addition, it is possible to reposition directly through the visit report, clicking on the "!" icon next to the check - in or through the application.

No geographic position

Status indicates that Google Maps did not find the address registered in its base.

This case occurs right after import because street names or address format are incorrectly registered.

It is necessary to update the address correctly for your information to appear in the system (either for Visits or Reports),


Status that indicates places that were imported from another place.

How to view status of locations?

In the side menu, go to Settings > Locations.

On the Locations screen, click Advanced Search > Name and select Status.

Select the desired status.

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