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The Administrator is the highest level of team and system management. This will have full access to system information and reports, in addition to viewing the entire team on the Team Map.

Only this user can edit the application's Reimbursement, Forms, Monitoring, Service Order and permissions settings, as well as change passwords, disable and add users.

This is the only type of user that can delete places from the system. Learn more about how to exclude locations at>

The Supervisor is the second level with regard to team and system management.

He has fewer privileges than the Administrator and only controls his subordinates within the system.

In addition, the Supervisor has access to reports and Team Map, but only from his subordinates.

The Supervisor Can:

Edit visit data such as check-in, check-out, observation and visit comments.

Note The administrator can prevent the supervisor from making the above edits if desired.

To do this, check the function: “Can the Supervisor edit details of the Visits carried out by his subordinates?”, During the registration or editing of a Supervisor.

Supervisor Cannot:

Disable or add Users;
Create and edit Forms;
Edit company settings;
Editing and Creating labels;
Delete locations.

Default User

The default user is usually the application user, who usually doesn't have web access. This user also has access to the website through his email and password, but cannot change information and is limited to creating Sites (if the Administrator allows) and launching his visits.

If the user has permission to create places, they can also delete places they create in the app.

User does not have a Team Map view.

Observation. Administrators and supervisors also have access to the Contele Field Team application and can use it normally.

The Default Hierarchy Can:
Register places if you have permission.
View refund report
View agenda and schedule visits.

Default Hierarchy CANNOT:
Delete places created in the system.

Hierarchy Issues
What is the difference between Supervisor and Administrator?

What are Subordinate Users?

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