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When registering each Location, you have the option to Validate a Location.

For example, a Location you got from the ERP system might have an outdated address, right?

Or even your seller has created a Location, and how will you know if that address is trustworthy?

See all “STATUS” of the system.

This change aims to correct the original GEOPOSITION that google understood was the Location.

Each REPOSITIONED base must be “VALIDATED” by the system administrator before considering this address as up to date.

VALIDATED: It is the address that you can consider updated and that should be used to sanitize your ERP database.

There are two ways the system can consider a validated location:

1 -) When any user was actually at the Site's location and performed a valid Check-in, it confirms the correct position of the address and changes the status to validated. It happens automatically.

2 -) When the system manager performs manual validation:

This validation is necessary when a Site is repositioned by an external user and it is up to the manager to verify that this repositioning was done correctly in the system.

If the Site is in the correct place, with its validation, it becomes sanitized data.

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